About Me
Being a naturally quiet person I have always looked to art as a form of communication. I use art to express how I feel and to describe the person I am. When someone asks me to describe something to them I usually find it easier to draw them a picture. I have always felt more comfortable with art rather than words.

For example, on the surface most people think I'm reserved and serious. With art However, I can show the goofy, colorful side of me. I can transform myself into a character, a "zombie." Who lurks behind a computer screen, skin pale green from working late into the night, craving coffee and growling about layout. Yet, tomorrow I could create a character completely different, depicting another aspect of who I am.
Discovering graphic design, through art, has showed me that there are many ways to communicate. Learning all of the elements of design I can successfully display the many things I cannot write down in words. Graphic design not only allows me to do this for myself but for others as well. As a graphic designer, I use the elements of design to help my clients communicate with the world. There are many language barriers in the world and through the use of graphic design I can help to break these barriers down.​​​​​​​

I am currently working at Keenan and loving every minute of it! In the past I have worked as a Freelance Graphic Designer as well as working for other companies like LA Fitness and CSUSB.